Doliner - Detail explorer & maker


A Berlin based label established in 2013 by GILI DOLINER. All jewellery are hand made and crafted with great attention to details.


Portable Treasures

|| Object is never just an object. Each object has it’s own meaning and we choose it (or it chooses us) for a reason. It is there to symbolise a moment, to give us power, to evoke an emotion within us or just because we love it, without even knowing why.

|| Our life is a collection, a collection of memories, people, places, colours and flavours. Creating jewellery is my way of collecting and documenting experiences. Each piece is influenced by another piece and together they create a one of a kind collection.

|| Sometimes the magic lies in the details and the places which are hidden at first sight, in order to find it we have to keep our eyes wide open and ask questions, beauty is everywhere. 
The unknown is a big inspiration for me.

I'm in love with the places I’ve never been to.